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A few weeks ago I made a discovery; Lincoln likes to draw on walls. I discovered this purely by accident because the wall he chose to use to express himself is one I rarely look at. But there they were, crayon marks. Thankfully he used the washable crayons so it was a quick clean-up. However, we had to figure out how to keep him from repeating the offence. During a visit to a friend’s house we found our solution: white paper taped to the wall.

This works like a charm! His interest in his crayons has sky-rocketed and he has yet to stray from the paper.

I am so confident in this technique that I even brought out the finger paints that Auntie Christa gave Lincoln at Christmas for the first time.

Don’t worry, he was under close supervision.

Since this was his first time I only opened two colours: yellow and red.



Of course, he had to taste the paint first but at least it all stayed on the paper!

In theory he is finger-painting, but realistically it was more like palm-painting.

After a quick splash of red he was finished his masterpiece.

This piece of paper was left on the wall for a few more days, during which time Lincoln added some crayon scribbles and a bunch of Elmo stickers. It truly is a work of art!

*Artzooka is a Kids CBC show that airs every morning at 7 am. Check out the link for some neat art projects.


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Baldy Playdate

Lincoln and I usually spend Saturday and Saturday night up at Baldy during the winter so we can see more of Andrew. A couple of weekends ago we were happy to hear that Lincoln’s friend Dylan (Dilly), her parents and her new baby brother Hewitt were also going to be up at Baldy for the weekend. This could only mean one thing: Playdate!

Remember Lincoln’s cardboard box playhouse from a couple of posts back? Well, Dilly’s grandmother is a pro when it comes to building playhouses. She constructed a very impressive playhouse out of a fridge box, painted it like a log cabin, added windows and window trimmings, interior decorations, a chair and even fashioned a handle to the door so the kids could easily open and close the door. In a word: AWESOME!

They had so much fun and it was a big hit with Lincoln.


We were also invited for supper and happily accepted. Supper at the Linton cabin always ends with someone (usually the husbands) volunteering for being assigned to dish duty. There is a wall of photos documenting all the people who have done dishes at the cabin and now Lincoln’s picture will join the hall of fame.

Dilly and her dad washed while Lincoln and Andrew rinsed and dried.

Lincoln is not about to turn down a chance to play in the sink, even if it is meant to be a chore.

No dish-washing session would be complete without trying some of the water first.

We all had a great time that night. Dilly even started calling Lincoln “Stinkin’ Lincoln” 🙂  He was still tired the next day after all the playing but it was nothing a little cuddle with his monkey couldn’t fix.


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The rocking horse that Lincoln received for his first birthday is one of his favourite toys. He loves to pretend he is a cowboy and has even learned how to say “Yee-haw!” – it is very cute. He likes to have his horse in the middle of his room when he is riding it and will often try to drag it there himself.

He can really get the horse rocking and can even make it move backwards and forwards.

The best part is when he wears his cowboy hat while rocking on his horse. Lately though, he prefers to put the hat on the horse.

Yee-haw! Ride em’ cowboy!

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Splish, splash in the sink

The other week I thought it would be fun for Lincoln to help me do some dishes in the sink. He had a lot of fun splashing in the water and playing with the bubbles; however, it quickly became somewhat of an obession.

He lets us know that he wants to play in the sink by dragging his chair over and “asking” us to fill it with water. Instead of filling up the whole sink I just put a bowl in the sink and fill that up with some soap. Unfortunately his favourite part is when the water is running; it’s very difficult to explain to a 20-month-old that it’s a waste of water to leave the tap running.

There is always a lot of water on the floor when he is finished playing but he has fun, and my floor (or at least the part in front of the sink) gets a quick scrub down.

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Fun with Dad

Lincoln spends the day with Dad on Wednesday and Thursdays while I am at work. This is one of the benefits of us being on separate schedules during the winter (quite possibly, or definitely, the only benefit) is that they get this time alone to do guy things.

Like build play forts out of cardboard boxes.

Lincoln likes to bring his toys and books in there, and even likes it when mom and dad try to join him in the cramped space.

POP! Goes the Lincoln!

I’m sure this is the first of many cardboard box forts and playhouses in Lincoln’s life. And something tells me he’s not going to complain about it.

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