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Lincoln loves to help me cook. Unfortunately, his culinary skills are not fulyl developed yet so I have had to come up with some creative ways to involved him in the kitchen.

Here he is frying an egg:

And on the weekend he helped me make pizza dough.

We set up a little work station, gave him a bowl, some flour, a bit of water and a couple of spoons.

His dough was little lumpy but he did a great job. He even managed to keep most of the mess on the cutting board.

I said some of it because not surprisingly some flour got away from him.

He was a little disappointed at first because he thought we were making play dough. I tried to explain the difference to him but it wasn’t until the pizza was cooked and ready to eat that he finally understood.

Pizza dough is definitely tastes better than play dough!

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Lincoln and I whipped up a special treat in the kitchen last week. A treat that he really shouldn’t eat, but does much to our dismay: Play Dough. I found a quick, no-cook, easy recipe online and the play dough is still pliable after many play sessions and time left out on the table.

Lincoln was the perfect little helper.

He helped me measure out the ingredients.

And he tried to measure the ingredients back out of the bowl.

He also had to try to get a taste before it was done (not surprising).

Lincoln let out a few oohs and ahs while I kneaded the play dough. He was even more impressed when I let him help by giving him his own ball of dough to work on while I snuck away and coloured the play dough. I learned a very important lesson during the dye process: wear gloves to avoid having stained hands for a few days. Food colouring is not washable like crayons. At least Lincoln didn’t get his hands into it.

Once we were done making the play dough it was time to play with it! We got out the rolling-pin and cookie cutters and Lincoln had a grand old time.

Dad eventually showed Lincoln how to smush the different colours together so the play dough now looks like its been tie-dyed. But he loves it all the same.

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