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Andrew, Lincoln and I met up with our friends Owen and Rutka (and their two little guys Cohen and Oliver) at Christina Lake over the long weekend. I had Monday off and it was nice to have a family day together.

The lake wasn’t too busy, which I accredit to the fact that we went on the last day of the long weekend, and we found a shady spot where we had a quick snack before heading to the water.

Lincoln loved the sand and didn’t mind being in the water with his Dad. Lincoln has actually started to really like the water and even does his own version of jumping into the pool. It is rather cute and he gets super excited.

Here he is checking out the water. This is his Monkey Doodlez swim diaper with a blow fish on the bum. I think they are so cute.

Lincoln decided he would play with some rocks on the shore before venturing into the water.

Compared to Oliver, Lincoln was a bit overdressed for the beach.

Building, and smashing, sand castles with Dad.

Lincoln loves to splash in the water!

He was a little upset afterwards but it didn’t last long.

Practicing his swimming skills.

Cohen had a great time at the lake.

Me and Lincoln with Christina Lake in the background.

We had such a great day and couldn’t have asked for better weather. Not too hot or smokey. Lincoln, Andrew and Auntie Christa returned to the lake on Wednesday to hang out with the Salz-Stewarts and the Hibbersons. Mom had to work – boo!

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