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14-month stats

Lincoln is almost 14-months-old and we were finally able to get his one-year shots done on Friday. I had to work so Dad took him to see the Public Health Nurse here in Midway. The building is located on the street directly behind us (you can see it from our backyard) so it was a quick commute.

Lincoln had to get three needles, two in his leg and one in his arm. It could have been four but we opted out of the Chicken Pox vaccine because we view them as a childhood right of passage 🙂 Both of them did great and Lincoln fell asleep afterwards while Andrew spoke with Julie about his development – he is right on track!

As expected, he was measured and here are Lincoln’s stats:

Height: 30-32 inches (he wouldn’t really cooperate and stretch out on the table but everyone agreed he is on the tall side, therefore we are leaning more towards the 31 inch mark.)

Weight: 26 lbs 4 oz

Head circumference: 47.8 cm

He developed a bit of a rash today, which we think is a reaction to the needles but considering how he has been feeling the past week who really knows what it is. He is still sleepy, and pouty at times, but overall is feeling better.

Mom treated Lincoln to a bubble bath tonight. He likes to eat the bubbles.

You can’t see his new molar but check out the teeth on this kid! Now if only I could get him to like his toothbrush again.

And just incase you were fooled into thinking he was happy all the time, here is Mr. Pouty Pants in all his pouty glory…

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