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Puddle Jumping

We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather, and subsequently wetter, weather with Lincoln and introducing him to the joys of puddles and mud. Luckily, our neighbours found this great one-piece rain suit that is perfect for puddle jumping.

He is still wearing his winter boots during this adventure because it wasn’t until last weekend that I found a pair of rubber boots that fit over his calves – for a $1 at the thrift store!

Such a handsome little Doozer.

There were many different puddle sizes on this particular day and Lincoln enjoyed them all.

There were puddles to splash in.

And deep puddles to squat next to.

And no day would be complete without a little game of hockey on the back deck.

The whole family is happy to see the warmer weather in town, including all three of the Simmonds’ Family boys.

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Down on the farm

Lincoln spent the day with his friends Oli and Cohen yesterday while mom and dad were at work. He always has so much fun when he goes over there, and yesterday was no exception.

Lincoln had his first trip to a farm! Cohen and Oliver’s nana raises lambs at a local hobby farm and the boys helped her feed the animals yesterday.

There was a lot of exploring to be done and animals to see. Lincoln and Oliver didn’t waste any time.

Don’t they look cute in their matching yellow rain suits? 🙂

Checking out the animals.

They all stayed relatively clean – amazing!

Chickens and eggs.

Making a run for it.

So he can get to the tractor!

Cohen taking the little guys out for a spin in the dirt and mud.

A great big thanks to Owen, Rutka and Monica for showing Lincoln what life is like on the farm! Next time, mom and dad get to go too.

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One about mom

Did you know that I joined a ladies hockey team this winter here in Midway? I have never played hockey up until this point and I can honestly say I am hooked! We practice every Wednesday, play in tournaments and even went to Grand Forks last night to scrimmage with their team.

Here is a picture of the line I was on from last night’s game:

Me (left-wing), Deb (centre), Rutka (right-wing)

There are only a couple of weeks left before the arena closes for the season and I will definitely miss Wednesday night hockey. But the end of hockey means one thing: the beginning of ball season!

The Ice Maidens after our first tournament game.

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