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A day at the park

Lincoln and I spent the day with Rutka, Cohen and Oliver at the park in Osoyoos today. The sun was shining and the park is located on the lake – absolutely beautiful! There were ducks roaming around, and being chased around by Cohen, and we were the only people there except for one lady catching some zzzz and a few rays of sun.

After a quick snack of chedder bunnies, mum mums and Slurpees for the moms, Lincoln had to test out the swing and the slide. They passed his inspection and he hopes that his home park in Midway replaces the broken baby-swing soon.

Higher mommy! Higher!

Lincoln then decided to take a quick drive in the car. I love how it looks like the wind is blowing in his hair in the picture, and that at almost 10 months he has such good balance while standing (more on that in a later post).

Going my way?

Being the good big brother that he is, Cohen decided he would take his little brother Oli and his friend Lincoln for a ride in the car. As you can see it was barefeet weather!

Three muskateers...or stooges? 🙂

All in all it was a great day and I learned two important summertime lessons:

1. Jeans, waffle shirt, socks and shoes are not appropriate attire for 28C weather.

2. It’s time to start applying, and packing, the sunscreen.

Luckily, no one received a sunburn, and Cohen didn’t get close enough to the ducks to do them, or him, any harm.

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