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Phew! It seems like forever since I’ve updated this blog but I have a valid excuse. We just spent five wonderful, relaxing, sunshine-filled days in Vancouver visiting with Joel and Julia. We were treated to great food, great friends and amazing accommodations at Julia’s mom’s water-front home in Kitsilano. Lincoln changed a lot while we were away! In a span of two days he learned to pull himself up, climb stairs and crawl “normally”. Needless to say, the baby gate was a top priority when we came home. I will post a video of the little dude in action soon, but for now here are some pictures from the trip. Thanks again Joel and Julia!

Lincoln doesn’t sleep in the car like he used to so we had a picnic lunch in Hope for a little break from the car seat.

Beautiful sunset view from the deck.

First morning after our arrival. Fresh fruit in the sun! We had beautiful weather the entire time – it didn’t rain at all.

It didn’t take Lincoln long to figure out the stairs. He went from the lower deck, up two flights of stairs, back into the house. Don’t worry, mom was close by incase he took a tumble (which he didn’t).

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day at the beach. This was Lincoln’s first time visiting the ocean. He didn’t mind the sand but the water was a tad chilly for his little feet.The day was topped off with sushi and DQ for supper. It was a wonderful day!

Dad and Lincoln at the beach.

After the beach we had a picnic lunch on the grass. These are Lincoln’s dirty little feet. A prelude to the summer ahead of us. He is such a boy!

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