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When in Rome…

..or in this case, when in the Maritimes, you must eat seafood. It’s no secret that Andrew and I love our lobster. In fact, we love it so much that our recent trip back East included a lobster poutine. Yes, you read that correctly, a lobster poutine (fries, gravy, cheese, hollandaise sauce and lobster).It also included not one but two feedings of lobster and a round of steamed mussels.

So considering his parent’s love for seafood you would think that Lincoln would be a fan by default. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you talk to) this wasn’t the case.

He did enjoy watching Andrew prep the lobsters.

But when it came time to eat the lobster, he had other plans (at least he didn’t feed it to the dog!)

We tried again at Nanny & Poppy Hicks’ with the same result. I guess we shouldn’t complain because it just means more lobster for us.

Lincoln was also given the opportunity to eat steamed mussels at Aunt Christa’s place but they were met with the same results.

He definitely enjoyed removing the mussel from the shell, and even put one in his mouth. But when it came to actually eat them, he was just as content to shell them for mom and dad. No complaints here.

What do you mean you’re supposed to eat these? Blech.

Maybe as he gets older he will develop a love of seafood. Until then, we’re just as happy to not have to share 🙂


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Furry relatives

In addition to his two sets of grandparents, two aunts, one uncle and two cousins, Lincoln has a couple of relatives of the furry variety:

Joker (Nanny and Grampy Simmonds’ dog) and Toby (Nanny and Poppy Hicks’ cat).

Lincoln loved both Joker and Toby but for different reasons. You see, Joker loved to cuddle with Lincoln and basically let Lincoln do whatever he wanted to him (a complete contrast to his relationship with his brother Glenn, which is getting better I should add), while Toby was the perfect partner for games of chase (Lincoln chasing Toby around the house).

Joker let Lincoln hang out with him in his kennel.

Joker let Lincoln snuggle with him on the couch.

Joker even let Lincoln help him and Nanny feed the birds.

Toby mostly just ran away from Lincoln, which Lincoln loved because it meant he got to chase the cat around the house, but there were a few moments where Toby let Lincoln snuggle with him and one of the best happened the night before we left to come home to BC.

Toby, Lincoln and Nanny sharing some snuggles in the chair.

Lincoln loved Toby.

Lincoln actually loves cats in general. Luckily for Glenn we won’t be getting one of our own any time soon.

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