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Lincoln takes his walking very seriously. Ever since he took his first steps he has been practicing non-stop and it has paid off. Grass, pavement, sand, carpet – you name it, he can walk on it (except water, he definitely can’t walk on water). We owe this to the fact that he hardly ever wears shoes. Mom tries to put shoes on him because she thinks they are cute but even I admit that he does better without them. We try to put the leather slippers on him if he is in public but 90% of the time he goes barefoot.

Here he is walking to the grocery store on the pavement.

We’ve been told that it is better for children to learn to walk without shoes on. It helps them with balancing because they can feel and use their toes. Based on our experience so far I would say this is sound advice. Too bad there are so many cute shoes out there! Sometimes I get my way and he wears his Little Soles Squeaky Shoes. These are super cute and squeak each time he takes a step. The squeaker can also be removed, and don’t worry, I didn’t pay full price, I got a Steal of a deal!

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Lincoln walks!

Lincoln was practicing all day while I was at work. He is now walking up a storm! A lemon was his goal in this video.

And here he is from the front for a few seconds – D’oh!

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And we have take-off…

Lincoln is walking. It is very inconsistent, he knows he can get places faster crawling, but it has happened. A few wobbly steps to mom. A few wobbly steps to dad. A few wobbly steps to Auntie Christa. I predict many more wobbly and not-so-wobbly steps with each passing day.

I need to permanently attached the camera to my hand from here on out.


He is growing up so fast.

Glenn doesn’t stand a chance.

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Real babies wear pink

Lincoln has been doing some very cute stuff the past few days and luckily we had the camera close by. It was only after the videos were taken that I realized he was wearing his pink diaper cover in all three videos, but he is baby enough to pull it off. The leg warmers have become a staple of his wardrobe to help protect his legs while crawling – and they make diaper changing easier.

First up is Lincoln cruising around the house  using his walker. We have to navigate the corners for him but he definitely has good balance.

Next is him crawling. As you can see he is very determined to get where he is going!

And lastly, this is him trying to get into our room. He has recently become fascinated with bathrooms so we had to start closing doors in the house but he still tries to get in.

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