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Sam came to visit

The other day Sam stopped by the house for a surprise visit. She had just finished a fire related course in Bridesville and since she was already off the mountain decided to head to Rock Creek and Midway. Both Lincoln and Glenn (and mom and dad too of course) were happy to see her. I think Glenn was the most excited though!

Sam brought Andrew a book on how to make heirloom toys for Lincoln. There are some really cool cars and we can’t wait to see how they turn out.

We took advantage of the rain-free moment and Lincoln showed Sam his wagon. This is also his sleigh in the winter and it’s great that we can convert it for all-season use.

Next to eating, standing is Lincoln's most favourite activity.

Glenn wanted to let Sam know that he is a good big brother. Lincoln loves to “throw” the ball for his dog but sometimes Glenn gets impatient and tries to grab it from his hands.


Glenn has to be quick because Lincoln will steal the ball out from under his nose.

The brothers are both obsessed with orange things.

Lincoln also shows Sam his pool. Here he is trying to closer to the water. Mom and dad have made a rule that he has to have his life jacket on before stepping on the concrete. Lincoln is already trying to break that rule.

Testing his boundaries.

Lincoln showed off some of his dance moves before Sam left to go back to Baldy.

Lincoln loves music!

Thanks for the visit Sam! Hope to see you again soon!

Lincoln and Sam.

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