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The day I have been waiting for since the beginning of winter is finally here: it’s the LAST day of the 2010-2011 ski season at Baldy! Why am I so excited about this day? It means Andrew and I will be back on the same work schedules (after a brief vacation back East) and we will have weekends off as a family again.

In honour of this special day, here are some pictures of Lincoln playing on the balcony of the Triplex. I am happy to report that all the snow is gone here in Midway and the grass is starting to turn green. Baldy on the other hand will probably have snow until the middle of the summer.

It`s a great little contained zone. Perfect for kids whose parents are too tired to go “side“ again for the 100th time that day.

Open the door. Close the door. Repeat. Lincoln`s favourite game at Baldy.

Lincoln will be sad to learn that the end of the ski season also means the toques get put away. He loves wearing hats of any kind (on his own terms of course).

Three cheers for the arrival of Spring! See you next year Mr. Winter.


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Puddle Jumping

We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather, and subsequently wetter, weather with Lincoln and introducing him to the joys of puddles and mud. Luckily, our neighbours found this great one-piece rain suit that is perfect for puddle jumping.

He is still wearing his winter boots during this adventure because it wasn’t until last weekend that I found a pair of rubber boots that fit over his calves – for a $1 at the thrift store!

Such a handsome little Doozer.

There were many different puddle sizes on this particular day and Lincoln enjoyed them all.

There were puddles to splash in.

And deep puddles to squat next to.

And no day would be complete without a little game of hockey on the back deck.

The whole family is happy to see the warmer weather in town, including all three of the Simmonds’ Family boys.

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Down on the farm

Lincoln spent the day with his friends Oli and Cohen yesterday while mom and dad were at work. He always has so much fun when he goes over there, and yesterday was no exception.

Lincoln had his first trip to a farm! Cohen and Oliver’s nana raises lambs at a local hobby farm and the boys helped her feed the animals yesterday.

There was a lot of exploring to be done and animals to see. Lincoln and Oliver didn’t waste any time.

Don’t they look cute in their matching yellow rain suits? 🙂

Checking out the animals.

They all stayed relatively clean – amazing!

Chickens and eggs.

Making a run for it.

So he can get to the tractor!

Cohen taking the little guys out for a spin in the dirt and mud.

A great big thanks to Owen, Rutka and Monica for showing Lincoln what life is like on the farm! Next time, mom and dad get to go too.

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One about mom

Did you know that I joined a ladies hockey team this winter here in Midway? I have never played hockey up until this point and I can honestly say I am hooked! We practice every Wednesday, play in tournaments and even went to Grand Forks last night to scrimmage with their team.

Here is a picture of the line I was on from last night’s game:

Me (left-wing), Deb (centre), Rutka (right-wing)

There are only a couple of weeks left before the arena closes for the season and I will definitely miss Wednesday night hockey. But the end of hockey means one thing: the beginning of ball season!

The Ice Maidens after our first tournament game.

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Baldy Playdate

Lincoln and I usually spend Saturday and Saturday night up at Baldy during the winter so we can see more of Andrew. A couple of weekends ago we were happy to hear that Lincoln’s friend Dylan (Dilly), her parents and her new baby brother Hewitt were also going to be up at Baldy for the weekend. This could only mean one thing: Playdate!

Remember Lincoln’s cardboard box playhouse from a couple of posts back? Well, Dilly’s grandmother is a pro when it comes to building playhouses. She constructed a very impressive playhouse out of a fridge box, painted it like a log cabin, added windows and window trimmings, interior decorations, a chair and even fashioned a handle to the door so the kids could easily open and close the door. In a word: AWESOME!

They had so much fun and it was a big hit with Lincoln.


We were also invited for supper and happily accepted. Supper at the Linton cabin always ends with someone (usually the husbands) volunteering for being assigned to dish duty. There is a wall of photos documenting all the people who have done dishes at the cabin and now Lincoln’s picture will join the hall of fame.

Dilly and her dad washed while Lincoln and Andrew rinsed and dried.

Lincoln is not about to turn down a chance to play in the sink, even if it is meant to be a chore.

No dish-washing session would be complete without trying some of the water first.

We all had a great time that night. Dilly even started calling Lincoln “Stinkin’ Lincoln” 🙂  He was still tired the next day after all the playing but it was nothing a little cuddle with his monkey couldn’t fix.


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Happy New Year!

Ok, Ok, I know. New Year’s Eve was a month ago and I’m a bit late in posting pictures from the party Lincoln attended but we had so much fun I couldn’t let them go unseen. Baldy always has a kids celebration in the lodge prior to the adult party up in the bar. When I worked at Baldy many years ago I was an organizer/helper for this crazy night so it was a bit strange to be a parent and spectator this year.

The activity that kept Lincoln entertained the most were the balloons floating around the room.

He kept throwing them like they were balls and laughed every time they fell to the floor.

A few popped in his hands but he was unphased. He even tried to blow them back up but was unsuccessful.

Where’d the balloon go?

There it is!

We also built a cookie A-frame cabin.

Surprise, surprise; Lincoln liked the icing the best.

He also tried a sour gummy worm but wasn’t into that as much as the icing.

I left the cookie house at the lodge because I didn’t need him to obsess over it the same way he obsessed over the gingerbread house we made at home.

It was a late night for Lincoln, and he was woken up a few times during the night by the partyers staying below us, but all in all it was a fun night!

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Happy Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone and it wasn’t as chaotic as I thought. Lincoln was basically indifferent to the whole experience, but mom got to open a lot of presents as a result. We still had a great time; Andrew was off for the day and we got to spend Christmas Eve and day together at home.

It all started Christmas Eve when Santa made an appearance at our house via Fire Truck. The Midway Volunteer Fire Department always volunteer their time to escort Santa around Midway to visit all the boys and girls. Lincoln cried at first but warmed up to Santa.

Lincoln had his first candy cane and quickly became a sticky mess.

After a bath to wash off the candy cane, Lincoln opened his Christmas Eve present from mom and dad.

What’s in here?

New PJs and a book!

Glenn relaxed in bed while he watched the action.

Lincoln woke-up at his usual 6 am time, and after the coffee was brewed we started in on the stockings.

His favourite gifts were the multiple dinky cars we bought at various thrift stores.

Chilling in his new personalized rocking chair from his Uncle Greg, Aunt Christina and cousins Ainsley and Maren.

That afternoon we headed up to the ski hill. I had four days off so Lincoln and I stayed at the hill to keep dad and waggy company. It was a beautiful day and we took Lincoln tobogganing for the first time (more about that in a later post).

It was nice and relaxing at the mountain and we spent a lot of time outside. Lincoln loved to look out the patio door and I knew when he wanted to “side” because he would bring me his boots or mittens.

And in closing, a rare brother moment captured on camera.

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