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I go away for one day and Lincoln learns to crawl forward. While I am disappointed that I didn’t get to witness it in person, I am excited that he finally learned how to move forward instead of backwards. I am also happy to have a thoughtful husband who took this video so I didn’t have to miss it completely, and so we can share it with all of you.

As you can see it is not a traditional crawl but it works for Lincoln. The hardwood floor is slippery and that makes it more difficult for him – bare feet are best and the mat in his room is even better. The only one who isn’t excited about Lincoln’s new-found skill is Glenn. A crawling Lincoln can torment his dog no matter how good his intentions. Glenn just doesn’t understand why Lincoln is suddenly able to ambush him yet he makes little attempt to leave the situation. Of course, Glenn still loves his brother at meal times and forgets all about the hair pulling when there is food to be had. Until Lincoln and Glenn both learn to respect each others space we’ll keep a close watch over them to ensure nothing happens to either party.

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The first of many firsts

Lincoln has experienced a few “firsts” over the past couple of days, and it is crazy how quickly he can change. This morning Lincoln decided he would sit up in his crib and wait for me to come get him. It was very cute and he continued to practice this new found skill throughout the day. He no longer hates being on his tummy because after a couple of weeks of teaching him he has finally figured out how to get back into a sitting position by himself. He isn’t traditionally crawling yet but he sure knows how to get around. We commented a few times about how busy and active he was today. Definitely a little monkey.

The next step is mastering the art of pulling himself up. He has already starting cruising a bit around the coffee table but we still have to stand him up. He has sat down on his own a few times but can’t quite figure out how to get back up – but once he does, watch out!

Today was also the day we realized that Lincoln’s first word was, and is, dog. At supper he pointed at a sticker of Pluto on his highchair and said “Da-g”. He has been saying this for a while now but today was the first time there was a sense of association (at least the first time we noticed). Lincoln loves his dog and they have developed a lovely relationship revolving around food – Lincoln loves to share with Glenn, and Glenn will gladly give him ‘dog rides’ because they always stop at the biscuit closet. Glenn is very gentle taking food from Lincoln, and Lincoln is getting better at not teasing Glenn. Unfortunately, Glenn is picky and food still ends up on the floor.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Lincoln is quickly becoming a little boy. It will soon be time to plan his 1st birthday!

Dad and Lincoln strolling down the street in Grand Forks.

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A day at the park

Lincoln and I spent the day with Rutka, Cohen and Oliver at the park in Osoyoos today. The sun was shining and the park is located on the lake – absolutely beautiful! There were ducks roaming around, and being chased around by Cohen, and we were the only people there except for one lady catching some zzzz and a few rays of sun.

After a quick snack of chedder bunnies, mum mums and Slurpees for the moms, Lincoln had to test out the swing and the slide. They passed his inspection and he hopes that his home park in Midway replaces the broken baby-swing soon.

Higher mommy! Higher!

Lincoln then decided to take a quick drive in the car. I love how it looks like the wind is blowing in his hair in the picture, and that at almost 10 months he has such good balance while standing (more on that in a later post).

Going my way?

Being the good big brother that he is, Cohen decided he would take his little brother Oli and his friend Lincoln for a ride in the car. As you can see it was barefeet weather!

Three muskateers...or stooges? 🙂

All in all it was a great day and I learned two important summertime lessons:

1. Jeans, waffle shirt, socks and shoes are not appropriate attire for 28C weather.

2. It’s time to start applying, and packing, the sunscreen.

Luckily, no one received a sunburn, and Cohen didn’t get close enough to the ducks to do them, or him, any harm.

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From baby to little boy

Lincoln is growing so fast and it seems like only yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. It just doesn’t seem fair that parental leave ends just as he is starting to get fun and interactive! I built a make-shift bowling set-up the other day using empty tall cans of beer. I showed Lincoln a couple of times how to roll the ball to hit the cans and make them fall. He quickly caught on and although he didn’t always hit the cans, he certainly learned to roll the ball. Today he was trying to pull himself up onto a chair, and he can now stand un-assisted for short bursts (10-15 seconds) until he falls on his bum. More evidence that he will probably start running soon.

Canadian tuxedo at it's finest.

With only two months until I go back to work we are fortunate enough to have found a great daycare for Lincoln. A friend of ours here in Midway will be looking after him at her home-based daycare. She is amazing and we know Lincoln will be in great hands. We went over there the other day to have lunch and to start the transition process. Beginning in May we will be sending Lincoln there for two half-days a week so the shock of full-time daycare won’t be so hard on him. Of course, with all the planned visits this summer there will be times when he won’t have to go over at all – but I will still have to go to work. There is no doubt that Lincoln will learn a lot while in daycare – we just hope we don’t miss too many of his milestones!

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Lincoln is teething again and this is the worst episode he has had to date. He hasn’t been himself the past couple of days and although part of me thought he was just being whiney and needy, I now know that it is his teeth. This means my attempts to get him to love tummy time and learn to move forward have been derailed for the time being.

Last night I heard him wake-up around 2:00 am. At first I thought he was talking to Monkers (his stuffed monkey) but it quickly turned into a low moan. I went in to check on him and his cheeks felt like they were on fire! The rest of him felt fine but I gave him a dose of Tylenol to help ease his pain. Thirty minutes later he awoke again and being selfish, and wanting to get some sleep, I brought him into bed with us. He slept until the morning and although the fire on his cheeks has subsided I know he is still in pain. It looks like his incisors are coming in so hopefully they break through soon. For now, the fresh food feeder filled with frozen mango chunks is working wonders as a teether – as is the coffee table.

Frozen mango makes my teeth feel good - and it tastes yummy too!

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We went and visted friends just outside of Rock Creek today for a BBQ. They live off the grid and use solar energy for power and wood to heat their house. It’s a very impressive set-up, especially the cold room that was built into the side of the hill and is kept cool using snow and ice. Lincoln met his first parrot, cat, chicken, horse and alpaca, and I’m happy to report that he liked them all.

Once Vaughn the horse was enticed by an apple or two, him and Lincoln bonded instantly.

Lincoln and dad chilling with the horse.

On our tour of the property Lincoln discovered a chainsaw. Mom was close by to make sure it didn’t start up but, as you can see, he is definitely his dad’s boy.

How do I start this thing, guys?

Lincoln then tried his hand at driving a bobcat. Although it wasn’t running, and he didn’t actually get to drive it, he did try and put on his seatbelt. He was very happy!

Where's the key?

After the tour it was time for a rest by the campfire. I thought this was the cutest little double camping chair. Lincoln fit in it perfectly and just needs a friend to even it out. Unfortunately, his friend Oliver left when we arrived but I’m sure they would have had fun in the chair together.

How come my cup holder is empty? Bring on the milk!

And the day wouldn’t be complete without playing in the dirt. He may or may not have eaten some. OK, so he did eat some dirt, but it’s not the first time!

mmmmmm, dirt.

Thanks for the great time Will and Erika! We’ll definitely be back.

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On the move

At nine and a half months Lincoln is finally starting to move around. Up until this point he was content to sit on the floor and play with what ever was in front of him. If I tried to entice him to move by placing toys out of his reach he always found a speck of dirt to play with instead – at least we know his imagination is active! Now he is reaching for toys, remotes, the dog, and can push himself into a crawling position. One of two things happens at this point:

1. He stays on all fours for a few seconds, loses strength, and flops on the floor, at which time he has a mild freak attack until one of us rescues him. His coping mechanism of choice is to suck his thumb and pretend he is trying to go to sleep.

2. He stays on all fours for a few seconds, loses strength, flops on the floor and instead of moving forward he pushes himself backwards. Inevitably he pushes himself into an inanimate object, or under a table,  and gets stuck, at which time he has a mild freak attack until one of us rescues him.

Despite his lack of crawling skills he still manages to get what he wants. We think he will probably just stand up one day and start running. Did I mention he loves to stand? He hasn’t mastered the fine art of pulling himself up yet, although he is practicing on a daily basis, but we can stand him at the coffee table and he will amuse himself for a while. Because of this we decided it was time to move the crib mattress down – Tweety bird didn’t know what hit him.

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