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Life has been busy around here. I started a new PR course last week, which takes up much of my free time in the evenings, and we were gone Monday (council meeting), Tuesday (Andrew’s birthday dinner), and Wednesday (me for ladies hockey) night. Needless to say, I am back and ready to update on the Rock Creek Fall Fair.

We have only been to the fair one time before and that was when we first moved to Midway. It wasn’t of much interest to us but now that Lincoln is here it is something we will be attending annually.

Rain was in the air when we arrived but it held off until later so we managed to stay dry.

First stop were the barns. Lincoln was frightened by the sheep when it baa’d in his face, but after that all of his animal interactions were without incident.

Lincoln has met horses before and this one was just as nice as the others.

There were a lot of cows at the fair. This one belongs to friends of ours who we get beef from.

Lincoln got to see his first live pig – oink, oink.

Here piggy, piggy…

Lincoln is too little to go on any of rides, which is quite alright with me! Even the little roller coaster made my tummy turn. There are also a lot of animal related activities to watch including mutton busting, show horses and others. We didn’t check out any of the events this time around but Lincoln might be ready to participate in a few next year.

After lunch we headed to the kid’s play area to take some souvenir pictures. Everyone got in on the fun!

Sunflower kids

Cohen, Noah, Lincoln and Oli

Sunflower adults

Owen, Andrew, Jenny and Rutka

Sunflower Simmonds – I’ll have to Photoshop Glenn into the picture one day!

Dad, Lincoln and Mom

Lincoln LOVED peeking his face through the openings!

Lincoln had a lot of fun and fell asleep as soon as we got back to the car. Next year will be even better!

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