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Gardening with Dad

Now that Andrew is home more, Lincoln has been spending less time at daycare and more time with his Dad. The other day they decided it was time to pick some beets and carrots from the garden, and it’s a good thing because some of the beets were the size of softballs.

Look Dad! A giant carrot!


They used the hose to wash off the dirt. Lincoln loves to play with the hose even though he hasn’t quite figured out the trigger.

We’ve already harvested a bunch of cucumbers and it is soon going to be pickling time. We are hoping to do the canning in small batches so it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task. Considering the rate the cucumbers are growing I’m sure we will be kept busy. The garden is in full bloom and we are going to have a lot of tomatoes on our hands in the next month or so. This year they will get to ripen on the vine since we will be home. It’s hard to believe that this time last year Lincoln was only a couple of months old.

Here is a picture to remind you of that time…

Baby Lincoln

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