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A colourful discovery

With some thanks to mommy, Lincoln has discovered markers. Unlike his crayons, which I can leave out for him to use whenever he chooses, markers must only be used under direct supervision.

Why can markers only be used under direct supervision? Because Lincoln still hasn’t figured out which end to hold and that usually results in his hands looking like this:

Coloured hands are not so much of a problem, the markers are washable after all, but it’s the fact that those colourful little hands than roam about the house touching other objects that don’t need to be coloured.

He is learning to put the lids back on all by himself, and incase you were wondering, yes, he has tried to eat them.

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Hats off!

Sometimes you need to pair your Western shirt with a cowboy hat.

Sometimes, your horse needs to wear your fedora while you wear your cowboy hat.

And sometimes it’s the other way around.

But most of the time, you just want to rock out in your fedora regardless of what clothes you’re wearing that day.

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Money and the ladybug

Lincoln is a fan of shape shorters, puzzles, and basically anything that requires him to put one thing into another thing. Therefore, it is no surprise that he has recently become obsessed with putting money into his piggy bank (or in this case, ladybug bank).

I try to keep it hidden in our bedroom but the smarty-pants knows where it is on my dresser and always asks for it.

I try to scrounge up as much loose change as I can, but his obsession has outgrown my ability to produce any money.

As a result, I started removing change from the ladybug bank so he can put it back in. Unfortunately, he caught on quick and can now do it himself. At least he can’t remove the bills from it yet 🙂

Hopefully as he gets older he will want to keep putting money in the ladybug bank, and not take it out to go to the store.


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After many tears, screams and tantrums, Lincoln finally doesn’t mind us brushing his teeth. I wouldn’t say he likes it just yet but he will let me brush the tops, the bottoms and the backs (my technical terms for his teeth). The one thing he does like about the process is the toothpaste. It doesn’t matter if it’s his bubblegum flavoured toothpaste, or mom and dad’s minty stuff, he really enjoys the taste – maybe a little too much.

Doesn’t he look like such a little boy standing on his stool at the sink?

We let him do a little of his own brushing but we take over for the real cleaning.

Time for a drink of water…

On second thought, I’ll just dump it out.

And since you already have the Raffi tune stuck in your head, why not listen to the song!

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Lincoln and I whipped up a special treat in the kitchen last week. A treat that he really shouldn’t eat, but does much to our dismay: Play Dough. I found a quick, no-cook, easy recipe online and the play dough is still pliable after many play sessions and time left out on the table.

Lincoln was the perfect little helper.

He helped me measure out the ingredients.

And he tried to measure the ingredients back out of the bowl.

He also had to try to get a taste before it was done (not surprising).

Lincoln let out a few oohs and ahs while I kneaded the play dough. He was even more impressed when I let him help by giving him his own ball of dough to work on while I snuck away and coloured the play dough. I learned a very important lesson during the dye process: wear gloves to avoid having stained hands for a few days. Food colouring is not washable like crayons. At least Lincoln didn’t get his hands into it.

Once we were done making the play dough it was time to play with it! We got out the rolling-pin and cookie cutters and Lincoln had a grand old time.

Dad eventually showed Lincoln how to smush the different colours together so the play dough now looks like its been tie-dyed. But he loves it all the same.

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The day I have been waiting for since the beginning of winter is finally here: it’s the LAST day of the 2010-2011 ski season at Baldy! Why am I so excited about this day? It means Andrew and I will be back on the same work schedules (after a brief vacation back East) and we will have weekends off as a family again.

In honour of this special day, here are some pictures of Lincoln playing on the balcony of the Triplex. I am happy to report that all the snow is gone here in Midway and the grass is starting to turn green. Baldy on the other hand will probably have snow until the middle of the summer.

It`s a great little contained zone. Perfect for kids whose parents are too tired to go “side“ again for the 100th time that day.

Open the door. Close the door. Repeat. Lincoln`s favourite game at Baldy.

Lincoln will be sad to learn that the end of the ski season also means the toques get put away. He loves wearing hats of any kind (on his own terms of course).

Three cheers for the arrival of Spring! See you next year Mr. Winter.


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