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Hats off!

Sometimes you need to pair your Western shirt with a cowboy hat.

Sometimes, your horse needs to wear your fedora while you wear your cowboy hat.

And sometimes it’s the other way around.

But most of the time, you just want to rock out in your fedora regardless of what clothes you’re wearing that day.

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Lincoln’s regular day care provider is taking the next two weeks off. Her son is getting married, and on top of the normal mother-of-the-groom duties she is also baking the wedding cake! Therefore, the time off is completely understandable.

Day care has been quite the challenge for us (maybe someone is trying to tell me that I should be a stay-at-home mom) but, like always, everything has worked out just fine. A friend in Rock Creek will be watching Lincoln at her house while Irene is away. She is not interested in operating a day care full-time but is happy to fill-in when required. She has an almost four-year-old daughter and will also be watching another little girl Lincoln’s age. The best part? She is providing lunch! So for the next two-weeks there will not be any new installments of Lincoln’s lunch. I am confident that he will still eat healthy even without mom’s lunches – and I have accepted that a little sugar won’t hurt him 🙂

Here is sneak-peek of Lincoln at the Rock Creek Fall Fair this weekend in his cowboy finest. I will be posting more later.

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