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This was officially Lincoln’s first time celebrating Canada Day! Dad had to work so Mom and Lincoln headed to Rock Creek to check out the parade and visit with his little friends Dilly and Hewitt from Kelowna.

Mom packed the stroller so Lincoln could ride in style – when he wasn’t running around of course.

While we were waiting for the parade to start, Lincoln met a new dog. I have never met a little boy who loves dogs as much as Lincoln.

Then Lincoln decided to chase Dilly across the lawn.

“Hey! Wait up!”

He clearly got tired of that game and decided to let her do all the work while he stood around and sucked his thumb.

Lincoln was very interested in baby Hewitt’s tent, and both Oliver and Lincoln were very interested in trying to console baby Hewitt.


The parade was very short. There were a bunch of kids on bikes, one float, some ladies carrying a quilting table, a couple of people on horseback, and one horse-drawn wagon – exactly what I expected. After it was over, we all headed to the free BBQ for balloons, hot dogs and birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Day, Canada! You’re number one in our books!

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This weekend was filled with birthday celebrations for our little Doozer who turns two tomorrow – yikes!

It all started on Saturday with a special Lincoln and Mom only trip to Grand Forks. We had to pick up party supplies and groceries but I made sure we had some fun along the way.

First stop, lunch at the Sun Beam Cafe. We shared fresh hummus, veggies & pita, some tasty spring rolls with a delicious peanut sauce and then, for dessert, an apple cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting.

Afterwards, we headed to the park to burn off some energy. Lincoln made friends with two little girls who were also at the park with their grandparents.

There were bridges to cross.

Rocks to sort.

And ladders to climb, repeatedly.

When we got home I decided to start decorating Lincoln’s birthday cake. Lincoln decided to eat the sprinkles.

Like Aunt, like nephew – right Auntie Christa? 🙂

This morning (Sunday) we started the day with special homemade coconut pancakes with blueberry-banana sauce, fresh blueberries, banana slices and real maple syrup. A special birthday breakfast for a special little boy.

After a quick clean-up, Lincoln and our friend Doug played with the balloons in the pool while Mom prepped the party food.


Then this happened.

Andrew and Doug decided that two big trucks were better than one when it came to removing a tree stump in our yard. I gave them until the first guests arrived for the party to “play”. For the record, the tree stump is still firmly in the ground.

On to the P-A-R-T-Y!

My very good friend and fabulous photographer Nicole lovingly agreed to be the official photographer of the day. She is just starting up her own photography business, True Blue Photography, and captured the day perfectly – thanks Nic!

We kept the party low-key this year and only invited Lincoln’s little friends. It was the perfect day for a pool party.

The birthday boy!

Hanging out by the pool.

Opening presents.



Time for cake.

Who needs a fork, or hands for that matter.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, butter cream off of Buzz’s foot.

Family shot.

Lincoln and Dad were all tuckered out after a day in the sun.

So was Glenn 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made Lincoln’s 2nd Birthday a special one! He finished the day off with a Skype session with Nanny and Poppy Hicks so he could open his present from them (interactive Buzz and Woody!). Even though we are so far away at least we have the internet to stay connected – love you lots! note: Eek! I mistkingly wrote the wrong grandparents names the first time this was posted! My sincerest apologies to Nanny & Poppy Hicks! We love you guys!

And remember the tree we planted last year in honour of Lincoln’s 1st Birthday? Here is what it looks like now.

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Let him eat cake!

Since Lincoln will be 1 year, 1 week old tomorrow I thought it was time to post a cake-eating video. He was exceptionally clean while eating his birthday cake, and we have had far messier experiences at the supper table – imagine a one-year-old eating applesauce and yogurt without a spoon. I pictured him being covered in icing and chocolate cake from head to toe but I guess we will have to wait until next year.

Despite his cleanliness he really enjoyed his cake. As you will see in the video he was very upset when I tried to take it away from him even though I left some on his tray. You will also see that the other kids were just as upset when I gave it back out of fear there would be none left for them. In the end everyone enjoyed a piece and it all looked the same smothered in ice cream 🙂

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In honour of Lincoln’s first birthday we planted a nectarine tree in the backyard. A week prior we planted something else to nourish the soil that has been in our freezer for the past year – I won’t go into details but hopefully you can figure it out 🙂

Dad and Lincoln prep the soil.

Uncle Joel stayed over an extra night and was a part of the momentous occasion.

Can you spot Glenn lurking in the background?

Who knows how long it will be until the tree produces any fruit but hopefully Lincoln’s tree will be around for many, many years.

Lincoln's tree ready to grow big and tall.

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It’s hard to believe but the first year is over. Lincoln officially turned one on Sunday and I think he is still recovering from all the excitement! His birthday began with him waking up at 2:30 am ready to rock & roll. We had company over so I didn’t want to let him cry himself back to sleep, and after a failed attempt of bringing him to bed with us, I had to have a play session with him in his room until 3:30 am. He went back to sleep until 6:00 am when he woke-up again, ready to rock & roll. This time I took my pillow into his room and caught a few more zzzz’s while he safely played in his room until 7:00 am. He came to bed with us and slept until 8:15 am. So on went the coffee and our day began! I think he just wanted me to remember last year since he kept me up most of the night then too 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday!

We lucked out and had great weather for a pool party. Linc’s birthday guests arrived at 11:30 am and jumped right into the pool. After some burgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, Lincoln’s sugar ban was officially lifted and he dove right into his cake. All of the kids were scared he was going to eat it all and that there would be none left for them 🙂

Beach ball cake made just for me by my mom!

Everyone was very generous and Lincoln got some great presents. Some of the highlights were the black pick-up truck from Nanny & Poppy Hicks and the wooden rocking horse from our neighbours.

Dad pimped out my ride with some cool stickers from my Uncle Doug's shop. Thanks Nanny & Poppy!

Danny & Anna from the across the street passed this rocking horse, which has been in their family since their kids were young, onto Lincoln - what a lucky guy!

Nanny Simmonds arrives on Thursday and we hear she and Grampy have some special birthday surprises for Lincoln all the way from New Brunswick!

We had a great time celebrating with Lincoln and we thank everyone who shared in this special day.

Group shot - Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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I am officially back to work and boy has it been an adjustment! I apologize now for my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks but I’m lucky I’ve even had time to hang out with my three boys I’ve been so busy. The three days that Lincoln goes to daycare feel the most hectic and thankfully Andrew is home in the mornings to help me get myself and Lincoln ready. I was actually late for work on my first day back!

It hasn’t been just work keeping me busy though and I also had a lot of fun last week too. It was the Boundary Ladies Softball tournament this past weekend and I am happy to report that for the first time in 15 years the Rock Creek team (which I am a part of) came in FIRST! Yahoo! Way to go ladies!

Rock Creek Ladies - 2010 Champs!

Now that ball is over I am hoping to get into more of an after work routine. This week will be spent getting ready for Lincoln’s first birthday on Sunday! I cannot believe he is almost one. He changes on a daily basis and amazes us with how quickly he learns new things. Tonight he started giving high-fives and he loves it!

W. Lincoln Simmonds

Our camera broke the other day too but thankfully Kristy took some wonderful photos of Lincoln for us. The new camera is on the way but I think I’ll have to recruit an official photographer for his birthday.

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Lincoln loves to help me out in the kitchen. His favourite job is taking dishes out of the dishwasher and he doesn’t even care if they are clean or dirty. As soon as we open the door he makes a beeline over just to check things out. Hopefully he’ll be this interested when he is old enough for chores.

Can I help?!

I can’t wait until he is old enough to start helping me bake. Some moms dream of their kids growing up to be doctors and lawyers but I think having his own show on the Food Network would be sweet! Even though he can’t help out yet, Lincoln was in the kitchen when I made a cake for his friend Oliver’s first birthday. It has no refined sugar, I used honey instead, and I filled it with fresh whipped cream. Lincoln was lucky there was no sugar in the whipped cream because that meant he got to lick his first spoon!


As you can see he really enjoyed it.

Do I have something on my face?

This was the final product. I found the recipe on this great kid recipe site named Weelicious. She has some amazing recipes for kids of all ages. I posted the link on the side if anyone wants to check it out. Lincoln has already approved many recipes.

Happy Birthday Oli!

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