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Lincoln is teething again and this is the worst episode he has had to date. He hasn’t been himself the past couple of days and although part of me thought he was just being whiney and needy, I now know that it is his teeth. This means my attempts to get him to love tummy time and learn to move forward have been derailed for the time being.

Last night I heard him wake-up around 2:00 am. At first I thought he was talking to Monkers (his stuffed monkey) but it quickly turned into a low moan. I went in to check on him and his cheeks felt like they were on fire! The rest of him felt fine but I gave him a dose of Tylenol to help ease his pain. Thirty minutes later he awoke again and being selfish, and wanting to get some sleep, I brought him into bed with us. He slept until the morning and although the fire on his cheeks has subsided I know he is still in pain. It looks like his incisors are coming in so hopefully they break through soon. For now, the fresh food feeder filled with frozen mango chunks is working wonders as a teether – as is the coffee table.

Frozen mango makes my teeth feel good - and it tastes yummy too!

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