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During our September long-weekend camping trip to McDonald Creek near Nakusp, BC the boys (young and old) decided to build a drift wood fort on the beach.

Andrew was in his glory.

Lincoln had a pretty fun time too.

See how happy he looks?

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If you know me then you know I am a planner. It is kind of rare for me to go with the flow and let things happens without having at least a week to plan ahead. So when Andrew asked me Thursday night if I wanted to go camping Friday after work my first instinct was to say no because there wasn’t any time to plan.

I’m so happy I went against my instinct.

We had a great time at Thone Lake in the Christian Valley just an hour from our house.

It was already getting dark by the time we arrived at the campsite so exploring had to wait until morning.

The first order of business? Throw the spiderman ball into the lake and watch it float away.

A nice man in a boat brought it back to us the first time but Lincoln threw it in again and it hasn’t been seen since.

Lincoln didn’t seem to mind and was content following his Dad on the path to the fishing rock.

We didn’t have real fishing rods so Andrew made a couple for him and Lincoln to “fish” with. It was a great way to keep Lincoln occupied by the campsite.

Even though the homemade fishing rods didn’t work, we still enjoyed a couple of fresh rainbow trout that night thanks to a husband and wife team out fishing on the lake.

We also enjoyed corn-on-the-cob for dinner.

Lincoln really likes corn.


Glenn enjoyed the fish heads, which Andrew lovingly fried for him. No, I did not take a picture of two frying fish heads, but we did take some pictures of Glenn.

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, the mullet is gone.

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Alright, so when we left off Andrew had just left for an overnight canoe trip. Lincoln and I stayed at the campsite for another night and enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being at home.

Lincoln had a snooze on our walk.

Then we went to the park and climbed things.

And slid down things.

And had a lot of fun!

Then our friends arrived, just in time for supper.

Rutka, Cohen and Oliver joined us at the campground for the night. It was fun camping with the three boys.

There was bike riding.

And fire wood gathering.

Then we all headed to the river. Lincoln loves throwing rocks into the river. It’s probably one of his most favourite activities.

Oliver and Cohen were a bit more adventurous.

More rock throwing.

And of course some stick throwing for his brother.

Lincoln and I had a great time camping. We even got a few pictures together, which is rare because I am always the one with the camera (thanks Rutka!)

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We finally had a chance to use our new-to-us trailer on the weekend and the Prowler is fantastic!

Just ask Lincoln.

We arrived Friday night at the Kettle River Provincial campground and settled into the site that friends of ours secured with a couple of lawn chairs the night before. The sites are first-come first-serve and fill up quickly so it’s important to be proactive. Lincoln and Dad got to work starting a fire so we could cook supper.

As supper cooked, Lincoln did some exploring.

I wonder what’s in here.


Lincoln quickly discovered that there were more kids camping in the site across from us. He made is way over the first night to say hi, and then all three of them were back and forth the entire weekend.

It’s quite very possible that the dogs were more of an attraction than the other kids. Either way, Lincoln spent a lot of time over there.

Speaking of dogs, this guy joined us on the camping trip too. You didn’t think we would leave him at home, did you? 🙂

And speaking of Irish Setters, look who we met…

This is Riley, an 11-year-old female Irish Setter (show stock). We couldn’t believe it when we saw her on our way over to visit friends. It is very, very rare to see another Irish Setter (that isn’t related to Glenn that is 🙂 ) yet you always hear how people used to have them growing up. Of course we stopped and chatted. They were equally as surprised to see another Setter. Throughout the weekend, whenever we walked by, their kids would come running over to say hi to Glenn – he enjoyed the extra love and attention.

The next day Andrew left for a friend’s overnight stag leaving Lincoln, Glenn and Mom on their own. Don’t worry, we had plenty of company…

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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We took Lincoln on his first camping trip last weekend. We didn’t stray too far from home (only 20 or so minutes down the road) and met up with our good friends Ricardo and Azure-Dee at the Kettle River Provincial Park just outside of Rock Creek.

Andrew headed out during my lunch break on Friday to secure us a site. It is a busy spot and the only available sites were first-come, first-camps. It’s a good thing too because when he arrived there were only a handful of sites left. He quickly set up the tent to mark our territory and came home so I could go back to work. I love that I get to go home at lunch and see Lincoln right now. Once Andrew is back to work that will change but it’s fun to get in some playtime and snuggles with the boy.

Already dirty

We left Midway after work and arrived with enough light left to set-up the site and light a campfire. Interesting fact, Midway and surrounding area was the only place in BC not affected by the burning ban this summer. Lincoln explored well into the evening and I had no problem getting him to settle down in the tent. Of course he inch-wormed around a bit before actually falling asleep but it was super cute to open the tent later in the night to find him smooshed against the opening. It was like he was trying to make his escape but he couldn’t quite figure out how the zipper worked. Soon, Lincoln, soon.

First campfire and first smoke in the eyes.

Glenn had to sleep in the tent with us due to his ongoing separation anxiety but the extra warm body was a nice addition given the cool weather. Lincoln kept wanting to keep his head as close to the tent as possible. No matter how many times I slid him down he inched his way back up. He woke up in the morning with a wet head of hair but a smile on his face.

Glenn did not enjoy being tied up all weekend.

One of Lincoln’s favourite activities while camping was playing in the Smith’s Winnebago. Unfortunately he couldn’t climb up, or down, the stairs himself so one of us was usually on duty.

His other favourite activity was climbing into and out of the tent. He loves to throw himself into piles of blankets and pillows so the tent was a big hit.

Here he is reading his favourite book in the tent.

Auntie Az helped Lincoln enjoy his pesto Saturday night. Lucky for her he was even willing to share.

Sunday morning was CHILLY! We had to light a campfire to keep warm until the sun came up all the way. Lincoln stayed toasty in his fleece pjs and coat.

We all had a great weekend and it’s sad to see the summer end. But like they say, there’s always next year!

Lincoln was a tired boy after the weekend and slept the whole way home in the truck.

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