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We took Lincoln on his first camping trip last weekend. We didn’t stray too far from home (only 20 or so minutes down the road) and met up with our good friends Ricardo and Azure-Dee at the Kettle River Provincial Park just outside of Rock Creek.

Andrew headed out during my lunch break on Friday to secure us a site. It is a busy spot and the only available sites were first-come, first-camps. It’s a good thing too because when he arrived there were only a handful of sites left. He quickly set up the tent to mark our territory and came home so I could go back to work. I love that I get to go home at lunch and see Lincoln right now. Once Andrew is back to work that will change but it’s fun to get in some playtime and snuggles with the boy.

Already dirty

We left Midway after work and arrived with enough light left to set-up the site and light a campfire. Interesting fact, Midway and surrounding area was the only place in BC not affected by the burning ban this summer. Lincoln explored well into the evening and I had no problem getting him to settle down in the tent. Of course he inch-wormed around a bit before actually falling asleep but it was super cute to open the tent later in the night to find him smooshed against the opening. It was like he was trying to make his escape but he couldn’t quite figure out how the zipper worked. Soon, Lincoln, soon.

First campfire and first smoke in the eyes.

Glenn had to sleep in the tent with us due to his ongoing separation anxiety but the extra warm body was a nice addition given the cool weather. Lincoln kept wanting to keep his head as close to the tent as possible. No matter how many times I slid him down he inched his way back up. He woke up in the morning with a wet head of hair but a smile on his face.

Glenn did not enjoy being tied up all weekend.

One of Lincoln’s favourite activities while camping was playing in the Smith’s Winnebago. Unfortunately he couldn’t climb up, or down, the stairs himself so one of us was usually on duty.

His other favourite activity was climbing into and out of the tent. He loves to throw himself into piles of blankets and pillows so the tent was a big hit.

Here he is reading his favourite book in the tent.

Auntie Az helped Lincoln enjoy his pesto Saturday night. Lucky for her he was even willing to share.

Sunday morning was CHILLY! We had to light a campfire to keep warm until the sun came up all the way. Lincoln stayed toasty in his fleece pjs and coat.

We all had a great weekend and it’s sad to see the summer end. But like they say, there’s always next year!

Lincoln was a tired boy after the weekend and slept the whole way home in the truck.

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I am officially back to work and boy has it been an adjustment! I apologize now for my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks but I’m lucky I’ve even had time to hang out with my three boys I’ve been so busy. The three days that Lincoln goes to daycare feel the most hectic and thankfully Andrew is home in the mornings to help me get myself and Lincoln ready. I was actually late for work on my first day back!

It hasn’t been just work keeping me busy though and I also had a lot of fun last week too. It was the Boundary Ladies Softball tournament this past weekend and I am happy to report that for the first time in 15 years the Rock Creek team (which I am a part of) came in FIRST! Yahoo! Way to go ladies!

Rock Creek Ladies - 2010 Champs!

Now that ball is over I am hoping to get into more of an after work routine. This week will be spent getting ready for Lincoln’s first birthday on Sunday! I cannot believe he is almost one. He changes on a daily basis and amazes us with how quickly he learns new things. Tonight he started giving high-fives and he loves it!

W. Lincoln Simmonds

Our camera broke the other day too but thankfully Kristy took some wonderful photos of Lincoln for us. The new camera is on the way but I think I’ll have to recruit an official photographer for his birthday.

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Sam came to visit

The other day Sam stopped by the house for a surprise visit. She had just finished a fire related course in Bridesville and since she was already off the mountain decided to head to Rock Creek and Midway. Both Lincoln and Glenn (and mom and dad too of course) were happy to see her. I think Glenn was the most excited though!

Sam brought Andrew a book on how to make heirloom toys for Lincoln. There are some really cool cars and we can’t wait to see how they turn out.

We took advantage of the rain-free moment and Lincoln showed Sam his wagon. This is also his sleigh in the winter and it’s great that we can convert it for all-season use.

Next to eating, standing is Lincoln's most favourite activity.

Glenn wanted to let Sam know that he is a good big brother. Lincoln loves to “throw” the ball for his dog but sometimes Glenn gets impatient and tries to grab it from his hands.


Glenn has to be quick because Lincoln will steal the ball out from under his nose.

The brothers are both obsessed with orange things.

Lincoln also shows Sam his pool. Here he is trying to closer to the water. Mom and dad have made a rule that he has to have his life jacket on before stepping on the concrete. Lincoln is already trying to break that rule.

Testing his boundaries.

Lincoln showed off some of his dance moves before Sam left to go back to Baldy.

Lincoln loves music!

Thanks for the visit Sam! Hope to see you again soon!

Lincoln and Sam.

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We went and visted friends just outside of Rock Creek today for a BBQ. They live off the grid and use solar energy for power and wood to heat their house. It’s a very impressive set-up, especially the cold room that was built into the side of the hill and is kept cool using snow and ice. Lincoln met his first parrot, cat, chicken, horse and alpaca, and I’m happy to report that he liked them all.

Once Vaughn the horse was enticed by an apple or two, him and Lincoln bonded instantly.

Lincoln and dad chilling with the horse.

On our tour of the property Lincoln discovered a chainsaw. Mom was close by to make sure it didn’t start up but, as you can see, he is definitely his dad’s boy.

How do I start this thing, guys?

Lincoln then tried his hand at driving a bobcat. Although it wasn’t running, and he didn’t actually get to drive it, he did try and put on his seatbelt. He was very happy!

Where's the key?

After the tour it was time for a rest by the campfire. I thought this was the cutest little double camping chair. Lincoln fit in it perfectly and just needs a friend to even it out. Unfortunately, his friend Oliver left when we arrived but I’m sure they would have had fun in the chair together.

How come my cup holder is empty? Bring on the milk!

And the day wouldn’t be complete without playing in the dirt. He may or may not have eaten some. OK, so he did eat some dirt, but it’s not the first time!

mmmmmm, dirt.

Thanks for the great time Will and Erika! We’ll definitely be back.

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