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Once upon a time Lincoln planted some flower seeds in a couple of pots. We put them on the deck where they received lots of water, sun and love. This is what grew…

Hello flowers, nice to meet you!

Little white flowers.

Side by side.

These are the only flowers we planted this year. Everything else in the garden, and multiple flower boxes and containers, is all edible. We planted tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), carrots, beets, peas, squash, green onions, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, asparagus, beans, basil, oregano, cilantro, sage, mint, rosemary, and summer savory. The gardens are bursting with life and we are already enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labour. I don’t mind gardening as long as it is food – I need something in return for all the hard work.

But here is a little food for thought: The Mayor once told me that flowers are food for the soul. I can see his point but I think I’ll stick to the veggies. Munch, Munch.

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You can tell already that these two have trouble written all over their faces…

Lincoln and Oli discuss the ways they can sneak into the pool without anyone noticing.

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A hiking we will go

Nanny Simmonds came for a visit  all the way from New Brunswick this past week. It’s been almost a year since she had seen Lincoln – the last time was when we went back to the Maritimes in September – and boy has Lincoln changed. I think he must have remembered her because there were no shyness issues and he thought his new playmate was just great. I had to work so there was a lot of Lincoln & Nanny time, which they both loved! Andrew was even able to get some more projects done around the house.

On one of my days off we decided to take a hike up Midway Mountain to check out the view.

This was the first time that Lincoln has been in the backpack since the winter.

Yea! A tag for me to play with!

It was the Fourth of July so Lincoln wore his American Flag leg warmers.

Away we go.

Glenn was super excited to hike the trails. He has so much energy that he actually ends up doing double the distance. He is always coming back to check on us.

Daddy signing our names in the log book.

Last summer the trails were upgraded and there were lots of benches along the way to catch our breath and enjoy the scenery.

Glenn was a bit tuckered out when he made it to the top.

Dog kiss anyone?

We took Lincoln out of the backpack so Dad could cool down. He instantly started throwing rocks over the edge.

Throwing rocks is fun!

This is the view of Midway from where we were.

Where we live.

And this is zoomed in on our house!

Going back down was much easier but it was easiest of all for Lincoln!

Thanks for the lift Dad!

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Let him eat cake!

Since Lincoln will be 1 year, 1 week old tomorrow I thought it was time to post a cake-eating video. He was exceptionally clean while eating his birthday cake, and we have had far messier experiences at the supper table – imagine a one-year-old eating applesauce and yogurt without a spoon. I pictured him being covered in icing and chocolate cake from head to toe but I guess we will have to wait until next year.

Despite his cleanliness he really enjoyed his cake. As you will see in the video he was very upset when I tried to take it away from him even though I left some on his tray. You will also see that the other kids were just as upset when I gave it back out of fear there would be none left for them. In the end everyone enjoyed a piece and it all looked the same smothered in ice cream 🙂

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In honour of Lincoln’s first birthday we planted a nectarine tree in the backyard. A week prior we planted something else to nourish the soil that has been in our freezer for the past year – I won’t go into details but hopefully you can figure it out 🙂

Dad and Lincoln prep the soil.

Uncle Joel stayed over an extra night and was a part of the momentous occasion.

Can you spot Glenn lurking in the background?

Who knows how long it will be until the tree produces any fruit but hopefully Lincoln’s tree will be around for many, many years.

Lincoln's tree ready to grow big and tall.

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Sam came to visit

The other day Sam stopped by the house for a surprise visit. She had just finished a fire related course in Bridesville and since she was already off the mountain decided to head to Rock Creek and Midway. Both Lincoln and Glenn (and mom and dad too of course) were happy to see her. I think Glenn was the most excited though!

Sam brought Andrew a book on how to make heirloom toys for Lincoln. There are some really cool cars and we can’t wait to see how they turn out.

We took advantage of the rain-free moment and Lincoln showed Sam his wagon. This is also his sleigh in the winter and it’s great that we can convert it for all-season use.

Next to eating, standing is Lincoln's most favourite activity.

Glenn wanted to let Sam know that he is a good big brother. Lincoln loves to “throw” the ball for his dog but sometimes Glenn gets impatient and tries to grab it from his hands.


Glenn has to be quick because Lincoln will steal the ball out from under his nose.

The brothers are both obsessed with orange things.

Lincoln also shows Sam his pool. Here he is trying to closer to the water. Mom and dad have made a rule that he has to have his life jacket on before stepping on the concrete. Lincoln is already trying to break that rule.

Testing his boundaries.

Lincoln showed off some of his dance moves before Sam left to go back to Baldy.

Lincoln loves music!

Thanks for the visit Sam! Hope to see you again soon!

Lincoln and Sam.

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Summer, summer, summertime

The pool is open, the deck chairs are out, and the sun is shining. Summer is here! It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were eagerly awaiting Lincoln’s arrival and now he is busy enjoying his afternoon snack by the pool.

Chilling with dad and Glenn.

Crackers and water – poolside!

Diaper-free time on the deck. He is wearing his swim shirt that Uncle Greg, Aunt Christina and cousins Ainsley & Maren gave him for Christmas – he should get a few uses out of it this summer.

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