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The start of something

It’s official. I’m starting a blog. What better way for friends and family, both near and far, to stay connected and up-to-date with the one and only W. Lincoln Simmonds. Lincoln is growing fast and I find it hard to keep up on the email updates, and not everyone (mainly Nanny & Poppy Hicks and Nanny & Grampy Simmonds) is on Facebook – I know, I know, kind of hard to believe, eh? So a blog seemed like a great tool to utilize to my advantage. I’m not making any promises of daily updates but I will post frequently to let you know what our little man is up to. Pictures will be posted, videos will be uploaded and stories will be shared. Let’s begin…

Linc does America

Lincoln took his first trip across the line to Oroville, WA last week. For those of you who don’t know, Midway, BC is a border town and that means we have a border crossing literally 5 minutes from our house. There isn’t much directly on the other side but a short drive will bring you to some decent grocery shopping and a great selection of kid clothes (Carhart, Wrangler, etc.) There was a lot to choose from but we settled on a Carhart hoodie and a sweet cowboy hat for Lincoln to wear this summer. Linc had fun riding around in the shopping cart and even had his first taste of Mexican food – his dad can’t wait until Linc can start eating hot sauce. Did I mention our grocery purchase consisted of 6 new bottles of the hot stuff?

Although Lincoln doesn’t require a passport yet, I think it’s time to take his first passport photo – let’s just hope we can stop him from smiling long enough for them to snap the picture.

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