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At Christmas Lincoln received a couple of Sprig toys from Nanny and Poppy. If you haven’t heard of Sprig they are a company that makes eco-friendly toys made out of a special mix of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic and they are battery-free. The toys actually smell like wood! Both the sand truck and heli-scoopter came with wild flower seeds that we decided to plant the other day. We planted them in a couple of flower pots so Lincoln could watch them grow.

Here we are prepping the pots with fresh soil.

Thankfully the seeds came packaged in a flower shaped disc that Lincoln could easily place into the pot. Of course they both came out a couple of times before we were actually finished but at least no seeds were wasted.

Lincoln needed to inspect it one more time before he was satisfied with its placement in the pot.

Lincoln using his trusty dump truck to transport more soil to put on top of the seeds.

After a little bit of water we moved the pots over by the pool. There are no signs of life yet but we are excited to see what kind of flowers grow.

Lincoln loves dirt and had a lot of fun planting his flowers. He often helps dad out in the garden and this is our second year planting our vegetable garden. Most of the plants have popped up and the garden has been loving the rain! We are proactively putting a deer fence up this year – we were lucky last summer but don’t want to push it, especially since something already ate the basil. And no, it wasn’t Lincoln 🙂

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