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Colour his world

Lincoln loves to colour scribble with his crayons on paper or in his colouring book. Most of the crayons have already been broken but at least he has stopped trying to eat them. Lincoln also has a set of the TaDoodles Crayon Buddies that are supposed to be easier for beginners to use. Lincoln hasn’t quite figured them out yet and is much better with the old-school, washable, Crayola crayons.

Here he is staring down the Tadoodle Buddies.

New crayons are on his (or is that our) Christmas wish list.

Perhaps Lincoln’s favourite thing to do with his crayons is to dump them out and put them back in their container.

The original box was destroyed long ago but this plastic box should last a while.

Two colours at once.

Lincoln is learning to only colour on paper, and mom is learning how to say crayon properly – apparently it is not pronounced cran.

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Cool weather & great friends

We are fortunate that on the days when Lincoln’s  regular day care lady (Irene)  is unavailable we have a group of friends we can call on for last-minute child care. Lincoln loves this too and never raises a fuss no matter where I drop him off – he has, however, started throwing mild tantrums when I try to get him dressed to go home at the end of the day, the little stinker.

Lincoln always goes to Jody’s on Fridays to hang out with her and her four-year-old daughter Hailey (and her husband when he is home from work). Jody is also our dedicated back-up day care during school holidays when Irene closes.

Before the snow fell Jody captured this shot of Lincoln and Hailey playing in the leaves.

Lincoln also goes to Owen and Rutka’s (Cohen and Oli’s mom and dad) during the week sometimes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Midway better watch out for when these two get older.

Two little monkeys sitting in a tree.*

*please note that Owen was standing behind making sure they didn’t fall when this picture was taken. But it won’t be long until they are climbing up there themselves!

Our friends Nicole and Aaron (they have two young boys, Blake and Chase) also watch Lincoln for us when we need them. I don’t have any photos of the three boys (yet) but once I do you’ll be the first to see them.

In honour of American Thanksgiving, which for me means amazing deals during Cyber Monday (think Black Friday but for the Internet) I would like to thank everyone who takes care of our little man when we can’t. We are lucky to have you in our lives.

Now if only we could convince the grandparents to move out West…


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Food art

We always try to let Lincoln feed himself no matter what is on the menu. He has developed some great spoon and fork skills – you should see him eat soup, Dad even taught him how to drink straight from the bowl. He loves copying us and it’s cute to watch him dip his bread in his pasta or soup. Sometimes he blows on his food to cool it down. Mealtime is fun time at our house!

Of course, this means mealtime is often also messy time at our house.

The other day Lincoln was enjoying his yogurt at the table while I made Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns. He has done this many times before and we are always amazed by how little he can get on himself.

That day, however, he decided to “paint” me a picture instead of eating his yogurt.

I just need a little more over here.

Now that my painting is complete, I will now play mom a little tune on my new drum.

The only downside was that Glenn wasn’t home to clean up the artwork once Lincoln was finished.

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What?! November already!?

I apologize for being absent the past couple of weeks. Rest assured Lincoln has been eating lunch, and they are still healthy and delicious as always (I have not resorted to lunchables).

As some of you know I am currently enrolled in a PR course for my public relations diploma. This has taken up a lot of my time but I only have one more assignment left and then the course is complete – yea!

Without further ado, here is an update.


We woke up to snow for the first time this year this morning! I don’t think Lincoln really knew what he was looking at out the window but he certainly seemed excited. He was only a baby last winter so he didn’t get to enjoy the snow like he will this year.

We dressed him in his winter clothes – snow pants, jacket, boots, hat and mitts (I put the mitts on after these pictures were taken because I wanted him to feel the snow for the first time) and took him outside.

He didn’t quite know what to think when he took his first snowy step but his smile shows he knew it meant fun.

This Ninja Turtle toque is mine; therefore, Lincoln not only has big calves but a big head as well.

The brothers bonded over the snow. I love the excitement in Glenn’s face and we cherish the moments when he is tolerable of Lincoln – this usually involves food but the ball is moving up in the ranks as Lincoln gets better at throwing.

There is still some snow left on the ground and I think it is here to stay. Lincoln doesn’t have a problem with that.

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