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If you know me then you know I am a planner. It is kind of rare for me to go with the flow and let things happens without having at least a week to plan ahead. So when Andrew asked me Thursday night if I wanted to go camping Friday after work my first instinct was to say no because there wasn’t any time to plan.

I’m so happy I went against my instinct.

We had a great time at Thone Lake in the Christian Valley just an hour from our house.

It was already getting dark by the time we arrived at the campsite so exploring had to wait until morning.

The first order of business? Throw the spiderman ball into the lake and watch it float away.

A nice man in a boat brought it back to us the first time but Lincoln threw it in again and it hasn’t been seen since.

Lincoln didn’t seem to mind and was content following his Dad on the path to the fishing rock.

We didn’t have real fishing rods so Andrew made a couple for him and Lincoln to “fish” with. It was a great way to keep Lincoln occupied by the campsite.

Even though the homemade fishing rods didn’t work, we still enjoyed a couple of fresh rainbow trout that night thanks to a husband and wife team out fishing on the lake.

We also enjoyed corn-on-the-cob for dinner.

Lincoln really likes corn.


Glenn enjoyed the fish heads, which Andrew lovingly fried for him. No, I did not take a picture of two frying fish heads, but we did take some pictures of Glenn.

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, the mullet is gone.

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Cherry season

Lincoln had his first cherries of the season on the weekend and loved them.

He loved them so much that he even ate a few pits.

We made sure not to give him too many, and thankfully the pistachios distracted him from eating all the cherries.

But then he decided enough was enough and he started giving Mom the ol’ chicken eye for taking pictures while he was trying to enjoy his cherries in peace.

Don’t worry Doozer, there are plenty more cherries in your future – cherry season is finally here!

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This was officially Lincoln’s first time celebrating Canada Day! Dad had to work so Mom and Lincoln headed to Rock Creek to check out the parade and visit with his little friends Dilly and Hewitt from Kelowna.

Mom packed the stroller so Lincoln could ride in style – when he wasn’t running around of course.

While we were waiting for the parade to start, Lincoln met a new dog. I have never met a little boy who loves dogs as much as Lincoln.

Then Lincoln decided to chase Dilly across the lawn.

“Hey! Wait up!”

He clearly got tired of that game and decided to let her do all the work while he stood around and sucked his thumb.

Lincoln was very interested in baby Hewitt’s tent, and both Oliver and Lincoln were very interested in trying to console baby Hewitt.


The parade was very short. There were a bunch of kids on bikes, one float, some ladies carrying a quilting table, a couple of people on horseback, and one horse-drawn wagon – exactly what I expected. After it was over, we all headed to the free BBQ for balloons, hot dogs and birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Day, Canada! You’re number one in our books!

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When in Rome…

..or in this case, when in the Maritimes, you must eat seafood. It’s no secret that Andrew and I love our lobster. In fact, we love it so much that our recent trip back East included a lobster poutine. Yes, you read that correctly, a lobster poutine (fries, gravy, cheese, hollandaise sauce and lobster).It also included not one but two feedings of lobster and a round of steamed mussels.

So considering his parent’s love for seafood you would think that Lincoln would be a fan by default. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you talk to) this wasn’t the case.

He did enjoy watching Andrew prep the lobsters.

But when it came time to eat the lobster, he had other plans (at least he didn’t feed it to the dog!)

We tried again at Nanny & Poppy Hicks’ with the same result. I guess we shouldn’t complain because it just means more lobster for us.

Lincoln was also given the opportunity to eat steamed mussels at Aunt Christa’s place but they were met with the same results.

He definitely enjoyed removing the mussel from the shell, and even put one in his mouth. But when it came to actually eat them, he was just as content to shell them for mom and dad. No complaints here.

What do you mean you’re supposed to eat these? Blech.

Maybe as he gets older he will develop a love of seafood. Until then, we’re just as happy to not have to share 🙂


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Furry relatives

In addition to his two sets of grandparents, two aunts, one uncle and two cousins, Lincoln has a couple of relatives of the furry variety:

Joker (Nanny and Grampy Simmonds’ dog) and Toby (Nanny and Poppy Hicks’ cat).

Lincoln loved both Joker and Toby but for different reasons. You see, Joker loved to cuddle with Lincoln and basically let Lincoln do whatever he wanted to him (a complete contrast to his relationship with his brother Glenn, which is getting better I should add), while Toby was the perfect partner for games of chase (Lincoln chasing Toby around the house).

Joker let Lincoln hang out with him in his kennel.

Joker let Lincoln snuggle with him on the couch.

Joker even let Lincoln help him and Nanny feed the birds.

Toby mostly just ran away from Lincoln, which Lincoln loved because it meant he got to chase the cat around the house, but there were a few moments where Toby let Lincoln snuggle with him and one of the best happened the night before we left to come home to BC.

Toby, Lincoln and Nanny sharing some snuggles in the chair.

Lincoln loved Toby.

Lincoln actually loves cats in general. Luckily for Glenn we won’t be getting one of our own any time soon.

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My new housekeeper

A few weeks ago Lincoln discovered the broom. He was always trying to steal it out of my hands while I was sweeping the floor which made it very difficult for me to keep the floors (semi) clean. Not wanting to discourage him from helping me around the house I decided to borrow a brilliant idea from Nanny Hicks; I took our extra Swiffer Sweeper, twisted off two of the pieces, and voila, Lincoln-sized Swiffer!

He LOVES pushing it around the house. I always keep a cloth on it, and change it when it gets too dirty, and he really is helping me keep the floors dust and dog hair free.

Here he is in action one night before bed.

Hopefully his love for cleaning sticks around when he gets older.

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