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We went and visted friends just outside of Rock Creek today for a BBQ. They live off the grid and use solar energy for power and wood to heat their house. It’s a very impressive set-up, especially the cold room that was built into the side of the hill and is kept cool using snow and ice. Lincoln met his first parrot, cat, chicken, horse and alpaca, and I’m happy to report that he liked them all.

Once Vaughn the horse was enticed by an apple or two, him and Lincoln bonded instantly.

Lincoln and dad chilling with the horse.

On our tour of the property Lincoln discovered a chainsaw. Mom was close by to make sure it didn’t start up but, as you can see, he is definitely his dad’s boy.

How do I start this thing, guys?

Lincoln then tried his hand at driving a bobcat. Although it wasn’t running, and he didn’t actually get to drive it, he did try and put on his seatbelt. He was very happy!

Where's the key?

After the tour it was time for a rest by the campfire. I thought this was the cutest little double camping chair. Lincoln fit in it perfectly and just needs a friend to even it out. Unfortunately, his friend Oliver left when we arrived but I’m sure they would have had fun in the chair together.

How come my cup holder is empty? Bring on the milk!

And the day wouldn’t be complete without playing in the dirt. He may or may not have eaten some. OK, so he did eat some dirt, but it’s not the first time!

mmmmmm, dirt.

Thanks for the great time Will and Erika! We’ll definitely be back.

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