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Real babies wear pink

Lincoln has been doing some very cute stuff the past few days and luckily we had the camera close by. It was only after the videos were taken that I realized he was wearing his pink diaper cover in all three videos, but he is baby enough to pull it off. The leg warmers have become a staple of his wardrobe to help protect his legs while crawling – and they make diaper changing easier.

First up is Lincoln cruising around the house  using his walker. We have to navigate the corners for him but he definitely has good balance.

Next is him crawling. As you can see he is very determined to get where he is going!

And lastly, this is him trying to get into our room. He has recently become fascinated with bathrooms so we had to start closing doors in the house but he still tries to get in.

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Boys will be boys

Lincoln loves playing in the dirt and mud. I joked with the health nurse the other day that he probably wouldn’t need his one-year needles because of all the dirt he has eaten in the past month. She thinks it’s great that he loves being outside and is being exposed to dirt and germs, but he’ll still get his needles – shhh, don’t tell him.

We bought Lincoln a $5 pool because he loves to splash around in the water, and we all know what a love of dirt and water creates…MUD!  He decided the other day that it would be a good idea to climb into his wading pool fully clothed.

The dryer ball is good for everything except preventing static on clothes.

He got nice and dirty and was oh so proud of himself. I missed his actually time in the pool but the aftermath was definitely captured.


Lincoln decided that mom needed a hug after he was done. I think he just wanted to get me dirty too but I took the hug anyway – how can you say no to a face like this…

Hi mom!

His clothes went straight in the washing machine and came out sparkling clean – thanks Seventh Generation! I can’t wait until the weather gets nicer so he can play outside without clothes on.

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On the move

At nine and a half months Lincoln is finally starting to move around. Up until this point he was content to sit on the floor and play with what ever was in front of him. If I tried to entice him to move by placing toys out of his reach he always found a speck of dirt to play with instead – at least we know his imagination is active! Now he is reaching for toys, remotes, the dog, and can push himself into a crawling position. One of two things happens at this point:

1. He stays on all fours for a few seconds, loses strength, and flops on the floor, at which time he has a mild freak attack until one of us rescues him. His coping mechanism of choice is to suck his thumb and pretend he is trying to go to sleep.

2. He stays on all fours for a few seconds, loses strength, flops on the floor and instead of moving forward he pushes himself backwards. Inevitably he pushes himself into an inanimate object, or under a table,  and gets stuck, at which time he has a mild freak attack until one of us rescues him.

Despite his lack of crawling skills he still manages to get what he wants. We think he will probably just stand up one day and start running. Did I mention he loves to stand? He hasn’t mastered the fine art of pulling himself up yet, although he is practicing on a daily basis, but we can stand him at the coffee table and he will amuse himself for a while. Because of this we decided it was time to move the crib mattress down – Tweety bird didn’t know what hit him.

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