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I am officially back to work and boy has it been an adjustment! I apologize now for my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks but I’m lucky I’ve even had time to hang out with my three boys I’ve been so busy. The three days that Lincoln goes to daycare feel the most hectic and thankfully Andrew is home in the mornings to help me get myself and Lincoln ready. I was actually late for work on my first day back!

It hasn’t been just work keeping me busy though and I also had a lot of fun last week too. It was the Boundary Ladies Softball tournament this past weekend and I am happy to report that for the first time in 15 years the Rock Creek team (which I am a part of) came in FIRST! Yahoo! Way to go ladies!

Rock Creek Ladies - 2010 Champs!

Now that ball is over I am hoping to get into more of an after work routine. This week will be spent getting ready for Lincoln’s first birthday on Sunday! I cannot believe he is almost one. He changes on a daily basis and amazes us with how quickly he learns new things. Tonight he started giving high-fives and he loves it!

W. Lincoln Simmonds

Our camera broke the other day too but thankfully Kristy took some wonderful photos of Lincoln for us. The new camera is on the way but I think I’ll have to recruit an official photographer for his birthday.

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