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Happy New Year!

Ok, Ok, I know. New Year’s Eve was a month ago and I’m a bit late in posting pictures from the party Lincoln attended but we had so much fun I couldn’t let them go unseen. Baldy always has a kids celebration in the lodge prior to the adult party up in the bar. When I worked at Baldy many years ago I was an organizer/helper for this crazy night so it was a bit strange to be a parent and spectator this year.

The activity that kept Lincoln entertained the most were the balloons floating around the room.

He kept throwing them like they were balls and laughed every time they fell to the floor.

A few popped in his hands but he was unphased. He even tried to blow them back up but was unsuccessful.

Where’d the balloon go?

There it is!

We also built a cookie A-frame cabin.

Surprise, surprise; Lincoln liked the icing the best.

He also tried a sour gummy worm but wasn’t into that as much as the icing.

I left the cookie house at the lodge because I didn’t need him to obsess over it the same way he obsessed over the gingerbread house we made at home.

It was a late night for Lincoln, and he was woken up a few times during the night by the partyers staying below us, but all in all it was a fun night!

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Bathtub fun!

Lincoln loves his baths.

He loves to play with the water while it fills up.

He doesn’t mind having his hair washed and combed afterward.

He loves his baths at home and at the ski hill. He even loves to play in the empty tub fully clothed.

Dr. Green Cup has been with him since he was born.

We have two Dr. Green Cups so he never has to go without. These cups came from Nanny Hicks who used them on her cross-country trip to visit Lincoln when he was first born and left them behind for his enjoyment.


Yay for bathtub fun!

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Yikes! My apologies for neglecting the blog for what seems like an eternity. I have no real excuse except that the winter/ski season schedule has forced me to put the blog on the back burner for the past few weeks. Rest assured, everyone is doing well. Especially this little doozer:

My goal this week is to get some pictures edited and uploaded for blogging purposes. If you don’t hear from me feel free to bug me until I post!

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Tobogganing at Baldy

We took Lincoln tobogganing for the first time Christmas day and he had a blast. We borrowed a great little sled from our friends and Lincoln fits perfectly into it.

It was a beautiful day at Baldy and Lincoln enjoyed being pulled around by Dad.

He also loves to drag his hand in the snow as we are moving. Believe it or not, this actually creates a bit of resistance and I can always tell if he is doing it or not.

After hiking a bit too far to the left of the tobogganing area we had to cut through some deeper snow.

Tobogganing for us parents isn’t as we remember. We have to do the work both uphill (pulling Lincoln back to the top) and downhill (running beside him so he doesn’t crash).

Glenn grew-up on this mountain, of course he was with us 🙂


Lincoln and I spent a lot of time out on the hill over the holidays while Dad worked. He loves being outside. I always know when he wants to go out too because he brings me either his boots or mittens and says “Ou-side”.

Lincoln ended the day with a short slide all by himself. I love the look of pure joy on his face at the end of this video.



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