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Happy Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone and it wasn’t as chaotic as I thought. Lincoln was basically indifferent to the whole experience, but mom got to open a lot of presents as a result. We still had a great time; Andrew was off for the day and we got to spend Christmas Eve and day together at home.

It all started Christmas Eve when Santa made an appearance at our house via Fire Truck. The Midway Volunteer Fire Department always volunteer their time to escort Santa around Midway to visit all the boys and girls. Lincoln cried at first but warmed up to Santa.

Lincoln had his first candy cane and quickly became a sticky mess.

After a bath to wash off the candy cane, Lincoln opened his Christmas Eve present from mom and dad.

What’s in here?

New PJs and a book!

Glenn relaxed in bed while he watched the action.

Lincoln woke-up at his usual 6 am time, and after the coffee was brewed we started in on the stockings.

His favourite gifts were the multiple dinky cars we bought at various thrift stores.

Chilling in his new personalized rocking chair from his Uncle Greg, Aunt Christina and cousins Ainsley and Maren.

That afternoon we headed up to the ski hill. I had four days off so Lincoln and I stayed at the hill to keep dad and waggy company. It was a beautiful day and we took Lincoln tobogganing for the first time (more about that in a later post).

It was nice and relaxing at the mountain and we spent a lot of time outside. Lincoln loved to look out the patio door and I knew when he wanted to “side” because he would bring me his boots or mittens.

And in closing, a rare brother moment captured on camera.

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Gingerbread House

Before Lincoln’s buddies left for Mexico we had them over to help us build a gingerbread house.

Lincoln had to inspect the candy before they arrived to make sure it was house worthy.

Cohen had to inspect it too before we got started.

The boys had fun sticking the candy to the icing, but they had even more fun tasting the icing that they kept swiping from the gingerbread house.

Oddly enough, no candy was eaten during the process.

They each had a little figurine to decorate as well and they all had a lot of fun.

We had to hide the gingerbread house from Lincoln because he was obsessing over the icing. We put it in our room and a week later I took it out for him to look at. At this point the icing had completely hardened and he couldn’t wipe any off to eat. This did not go over well! The house was then put in the coat closet, where it currently sits, and will have to be thrown out when Lincoln isn’t looking. His friends are in Mexico for a month and we are already counting down the days until they return (tanned of course, the lucky things).

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He’s a maniac on the dance floor

Lincoln loves to dance. Here he is bustin’ a move before his daycare Christmas party started.

Only 3 more sleeps until the fun and chaos of Christmas morning arrives!

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Holiday Greetings!

I had plans to take Lincoln to see the real Santa yesterday. Unfortunately, Andrew and I both got hit with the flu Friday night and I was just happy I was able to be a mom let alone leave the house. As a result, this is Lincoln’s Santa picture for 2010. There’s always next year!

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My new housekeeper

A few weeks ago Lincoln discovered the broom. He was always trying to steal it out of my hands while I was sweeping the floor which made it very difficult for me to keep the floors (semi) clean. Not wanting to discourage him from helping me around the house I decided to borrow a brilliant idea from Nanny Hicks; I took our extra Swiffer Sweeper, twisted off two of the pieces, and voila, Lincoln-sized Swiffer!

He LOVES pushing it around the house. I always keep a cloth on it, and change it when it gets too dirty, and he really is helping me keep the floors dust and dog hair free.

Here he is in action one night before bed.

Hopefully his love for cleaning sticks around when he gets older.

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Oh, Christmas Tree!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Simmonds’ home. The stockings are hung, the lights are lit, and the tree is trimmed.

We decided this year Lincoln is the perfect age to begin the tradition of hiking into the woods and cutting down our own tree. We shared this adventure with our friends the Ferrier’s last Saturday and both families successfully found this year’s tree.

Lincoln fell asleep on the drive and wasn’t too impressed that we woke him up.

The Ferrier’s brought their new puppy with them, who helped cheer Lincoln up before we ventured into the woods.

Lincoln is still getting used to walking in his snow gear so Dad gave him a lift.

I am very picky about finding the “perfect” tree. I know the solution is to buy a cultivated tree but in marriage you sometimes have to compromise; I agree not to buy a tree and Andrew agrees to spend as long as it takes in the woods for me to find a tree that I like. Eventually Lincoln will be in charge of choosing the tree, which means I should start preparing myself for a few Charlie Brown trees in the future.

After we found our trees we warmed up with a bon fire. Lincoln and his buddy Chase had fun throwing snowballs.

We put the tree up that afternoon. Lincoln had fun looking at all the decorations and lights, and we had a couple of days where he kept taking decorations off the tree. In his favour, he did try to put them back on but hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

Christmas morning should be fun this year!

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Bucket Head

Lincoln is amused by the simplest things. Like an empty Mr. Potato Head bucket.

Dad put this on his own head once and Lincoln was quick to mimic him.

It is amazing what he picks up on lately. He is a little sponge and he is talking up a storm; however, we are still trying to decipher what he is saying half the time. But he speaks with such conviction that we know it is more than toddler babbling.

Dad has been home more during the week so I get to see Lincoln on my lunch break. Nothing makes it harder to go back to work than seeing this face for an hour.

He’s simply the best…better than all the rest.

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