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If you know me then you know I am a planner. It is kind of rare for me to go with the flow and let things happens without having at least a week to plan ahead. So when Andrew asked me Thursday night if I wanted to go camping Friday after work my first instinct was to say no because there wasn’t any time to plan.

I’m so happy I went against my instinct.

We had a great time at Thone Lake in the Christian Valley just an hour from our house.

It was already getting dark by the time we arrived at the campsite so exploring had to wait until morning.

The first order of business? Throw the spiderman ball into the lake and watch it float away.

A nice man in a boat brought it back to us the first time but Lincoln threw it in again and it hasn’t been seen since.

Lincoln didn’t seem to mind and was content following his Dad on the path to the fishing rock.

We didn’t have real fishing rods so Andrew made a couple for him and Lincoln to “fish” with. It was a great way to keep Lincoln occupied by the campsite.

Even though the homemade fishing rods didn’t work, we still enjoyed a couple of fresh rainbow trout that night thanks to a husband and wife team out fishing on the lake.

We also enjoyed corn-on-the-cob for dinner.

Lincoln really likes corn.


Glenn enjoyed the fish heads, which Andrew lovingly fried for him. No, I did not take a picture of two frying fish heads, but we did take some pictures of Glenn.

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, the mullet is gone.

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Alright, so when we left off Andrew had just left for an overnight canoe trip. Lincoln and I stayed at the campsite for another night and enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being at home.

Lincoln had a snooze on our walk.

Then we went to the park and climbed things.

And slid down things.

And had a lot of fun!

Then our friends arrived, just in time for supper.

Rutka, Cohen and Oliver joined us at the campground for the night. It was fun camping with the three boys.

There was bike riding.

And fire wood gathering.

Then we all headed to the river. Lincoln loves throwing rocks into the river. It’s probably one of his most favourite activities.

Oliver and Cohen were a bit more adventurous.

More rock throwing.

And of course some stick throwing for his brother.

Lincoln and I had a great time camping. We even got a few pictures together, which is rare because I am always the one with the camera (thanks Rutka!)

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We finally had a chance to use our new-to-us trailer on the weekend and the Prowler is fantastic!

Just ask Lincoln.

We arrived Friday night at the Kettle River Provincial campground and settled into the site that friends of ours secured with a couple of lawn chairs the night before. The sites are first-come first-serve and fill up quickly so it’s important to be proactive. Lincoln and Dad got to work starting a fire so we could cook supper.

As supper cooked, Lincoln did some exploring.

I wonder what’s in here.


Lincoln quickly discovered that there were more kids camping in the site across from us. He made is way over the first night to say hi, and then all three of them were back and forth the entire weekend.

It’s quite very possible that the dogs were more of an attraction than the other kids. Either way, Lincoln spent a lot of time over there.

Speaking of dogs, this guy joined us on the camping trip too. You didn’t think we would leave him at home, did you? 🙂

And speaking of Irish Setters, look who we met…

This is Riley, an 11-year-old female Irish Setter (show stock). We couldn’t believe it when we saw her on our way over to visit friends. It is very, very rare to see another Irish Setter (that isn’t related to Glenn that is 🙂 ) yet you always hear how people used to have them growing up. Of course we stopped and chatted. They were equally as surprised to see another Setter. Throughout the weekend, whenever we walked by, their kids would come running over to say hi to Glenn – he enjoyed the extra love and attention.

The next day Andrew left for a friend’s overnight stag leaving Lincoln, Glenn and Mom on their own. Don’t worry, we had plenty of company…

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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New Best Friends

Meet Sasha.

She belongs to the Ferriers but we had the pleasure of dog sitting here while they were on vacation last week.

Her and Lincoln became fast friends.

She has been around kids since she was a puppy and is very tolerant of the shenanigans of a toddler.

Glenn, who Lincoln now refers to as ‘Guy’, would never let Lincoln do this:

Lincoln kept saying “yee haw!” while he sat on Sasha – very cute 🙂

Fortunately, Sasha’s mom and I are pretty darn close so Lincoln gets to see Sasha even though she is back with her family, which is a good thing because Lincoln has been asking for her (by name I might add) ever since we dropped her off.

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Furry relatives

In addition to his two sets of grandparents, two aunts, one uncle and two cousins, Lincoln has a couple of relatives of the furry variety:

Joker (Nanny and Grampy Simmonds’ dog) and Toby (Nanny and Poppy Hicks’ cat).

Lincoln loved both Joker and Toby but for different reasons. You see, Joker loved to cuddle with Lincoln and basically let Lincoln do whatever he wanted to him (a complete contrast to his relationship with his brother Glenn, which is getting better I should add), while Toby was the perfect partner for games of chase (Lincoln chasing Toby around the house).

Joker let Lincoln hang out with him in his kennel.

Joker let Lincoln snuggle with him on the couch.

Joker even let Lincoln help him and Nanny feed the birds.

Toby mostly just ran away from Lincoln, which Lincoln loved because it meant he got to chase the cat around the house, but there were a few moments where Toby let Lincoln snuggle with him and one of the best happened the night before we left to come home to BC.

Toby, Lincoln and Nanny sharing some snuggles in the chair.

Lincoln loved Toby.

Lincoln actually loves cats in general. Luckily for Glenn we won’t be getting one of our own any time soon.

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Food art

We always try to let Lincoln feed himself no matter what is on the menu. He has developed some great spoon and fork skills – you should see him eat soup, Dad even taught him how to drink straight from the bowl. He loves copying us and it’s cute to watch him dip his bread in his pasta or soup. Sometimes he blows on his food to cool it down. Mealtime is fun time at our house!

Of course, this means mealtime is often also messy time at our house.

The other day Lincoln was enjoying his yogurt at the table while I made Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns. He has done this many times before and we are always amazed by how little he can get on himself.

That day, however, he decided to “paint” me a picture instead of eating his yogurt.

I just need a little more over here.

Now that my painting is complete, I will now play mom a little tune on my new drum.

The only downside was that Glenn wasn’t home to clean up the artwork once Lincoln was finished.

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What?! November already!?

I apologize for being absent the past couple of weeks. Rest assured Lincoln has been eating lunch, and they are still healthy and delicious as always (I have not resorted to lunchables).

As some of you know I am currently enrolled in a PR course for my public relations diploma. This has taken up a lot of my time but I only have one more assignment left and then the course is complete – yea!

Without further ado, here is an update.


We woke up to snow for the first time this year this morning! I don’t think Lincoln really knew what he was looking at out the window but he certainly seemed excited. He was only a baby last winter so he didn’t get to enjoy the snow like he will this year.

We dressed him in his winter clothes – snow pants, jacket, boots, hat and mitts (I put the mitts on after these pictures were taken because I wanted him to feel the snow for the first time) and took him outside.

He didn’t quite know what to think when he took his first snowy step but his smile shows he knew it meant fun.

This Ninja Turtle toque is mine; therefore, Lincoln not only has big calves but a big head as well.

The brothers bonded over the snow. I love the excitement in Glenn’s face and we cherish the moments when he is tolerable of Lincoln – this usually involves food but the ball is moving up in the ranks as Lincoln gets better at throwing.

There is still some snow left on the ground and I think it is here to stay. Lincoln doesn’t have a problem with that.

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