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From baby to little boy

Lincoln is growing so fast and it seems like only yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. It just doesn’t seem fair that parental leave ends just as he is starting to get fun and interactive! I built a make-shift bowling set-up the other day using empty tall cans of beer. I showed Lincoln a couple of times how to roll the ball to hit the cans and make them fall. He quickly caught on and although he didn’t always hit the cans, he certainly learned to roll the ball. Today he was trying to pull himself up onto a chair, and he can now stand un-assisted for short bursts (10-15 seconds) until he falls on his bum. More evidence that he will probably start running soon.

Canadian tuxedo at it's finest.

With only two months until I go back to work we are fortunate enough to have found a great daycare for Lincoln. A friend of ours here in Midway will be looking after him at her home-based daycare. She is amazing and we know Lincoln will be in great hands. We went over there the other day to have lunch and to start the transition process. Beginning in May we will be sending Lincoln there for two half-days a week so the shock of full-time daycare won’t be so hard on him. Of course, with all the planned visits this summer there will be times when he won’t have to go over at all – but I will still have to go to work. There is no doubt that Lincoln will learn a lot while in daycare – we just hope we don’t miss too many of his milestones!

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