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A few weeks ago I made a discovery; Lincoln likes to draw on walls. I discovered this purely by accident because the wall he chose to use to express himself is one I rarely look at. But there they were, crayon marks. Thankfully he used the washable crayons so it was a quick clean-up. However, we had to figure out how to keep him from repeating the offence. During a visit to a friend’s house we found our solution: white paper taped to the wall.

This works like a charm! His interest in his crayons has sky-rocketed and he has yet to stray from the paper.

I am so confident in this technique that I even brought out the finger paints that Auntie Christa gave Lincoln at Christmas for the first time.

Don’t worry, he was under close supervision.

Since this was his first time I only opened two colours: yellow and red.



Of course, he had to taste the paint first but at least it all stayed on the paper!

In theory he is finger-painting, but realistically it was more like palm-painting.

After a quick splash of red he was finished his masterpiece.

This piece of paper was left on the wall for a few more days, during which time Lincoln added some crayon scribbles and a bunch of Elmo stickers. It truly is a work of art!

*Artzooka is a Kids CBC show that airs every morning at 7 am. Check out the link for some neat art projects.


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