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We took Lincoln ice skating for the first time on Friday night at the Midway arena. We had bought a pair of bob skates in the hopes that they would be a good first time skate. Unfortunately, Lincoln’s feet are still too little for them to fit properly and they kept slipping off. After a failed attempt at putting on a real pair of skates we decided to let him go on the ice wearing just his sneakers – and his new hockey helmet of course.

Dressed to the nines for a night of skating.

After a couple of slip and falls he quickly adjusted to walking running on the ice.

Dad took him for a few spins around the rink. I’m still re-learning and decided it was best for the both of us if I didn’t try to skate with Lincoln in my arms.

Faster dad! Faster!

The arena has bars for the little kids to skate around with, as well as the classic orange pylon.

Considering he was wearing skate shoes, with zero grip on the soles, Lincoln was fast on the ice.

Lincoln not only loved running around on the ice but he also loved watching the older kids skate around him. Our friends Owen and Rutka were there with Cohen and Oli as well. As you will see in the video below Cohen and Lincoln were very close to a head on collision but thankfully nothing happened.

Lincoln also took a spin around on the ice using one of the orange cones. I apologize for the Justin Bieber song blasting in the background.

We plan to make this a regular Friday night family activity, at least until the ski hill opens.I love how much taller than Andrew I look in this family photo. He tells me it’s because I have on regular hockey skates and he has on goalie skates – either way, I’ll take it.


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